Lean IT Kaizen

Lean IT helps IT organizations to ensure that they provide their customers with the best possible services. Through understanding customer value, the processes that deliver this value, the way to manage performance, the way to organize and the required attitude and behavior, IT organizations are helped to develop a continuous improvement mind-set.

Lean IT is complementary to all other best practice methods (such as ITIL®, PRINCE2® and P3O®).

Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement using small incremental changes. It translates as change for the better. Kai means change, Zen means for the better. Kaizen is an approach for solving problems and forms the basis of incremental continual improvement in organizations. A problem is a difficulty that has to be resolved or dealt with. When applied to the workplace, Kaizen means continuous improvement involving everyone, managers and workers alike, every day and everywhere, providing structure to process improvement.

Lean IT Kaizen certification builds on the Lean IT basics with deepening knowledge and skills in continuous improvement and becoming a Lean IT Kaizen Lead. The Lean IT Kaizen Lead facilitates Lean improvement, at any level of the IT organization, in any ‘department’.

  Organizational benefits are:

  • Reducing waste through (continuous) improvement
  • Maximizing customer value

 Benefits for employees are:

  • Broadening knowledge of Lean change processes
  • Optimizing your work and the work of others through continuous improvement
  • Satisfaction through high level of involvement

About LITA

This exam is developed by the Lean IT Association (LITA). LITA is a non-profit organization founded by three Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) - ITpreneurs, Pink Elephant, Quint Wellington Redwood and three Examination Institutes (EIs) - APMG, EXIN, PEOPLECERT International Ltd.

You can find more information and the literature on the LITA website.

Target Group

This qualification is aimed at anyone involved in change management and specifically anyone that wants to act as a Kaizen Lead, providing leadership in Lean changes.

Lean IT ties in well with other EXIN examination programs, such as ITIL®, EXIN Agile Scrum and EXIN IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000. Lean IT optimizes the IT Service Management processes.


In order to be certified for Lean IT Kaizen a candidate must have:

  • obtained the Lean IT Foundation certificate
  • participated in a training course Lean IT Kaizen through an accredited training provider

Exam Content

Upon completion of the training and examination related to this qualification, a successful candidate will be able to lead the identification and realization of improvement initiatives.

Specifically the candidate will understand:

  • Kaizen concepts
  • Organizing Kaizen
  • A3 Method
  • Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

Please refer to the syllabus for a complete overview of the exam content.

Exam Details

Number of questions: 40

Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)

Open book/notes: no

Electronic equipment permitted: no