TMap NEXT® Test Engineer

More and more organizations realize that the quality of IT products is a critical factor in a successful business. A good software development process is essential to the control of risks and delivery of high quality software. Structured testing provides insight into the quality of the information system and the risks present at any given point in the development lifecycle.

The Test Management Approach (TMap NEXT®) is the perfect example of a structured test approach. This is an exam for testers who want to adopt a structured approach to their work. The benefit of qualified testers to organizations and individuals is that the structured approach leads to a more efficient testing process.

Target group

The TMap NEXT® Test Engineer module is primarily intended for people involved in testing on a day-to-day basis. General knowledge in the field of system development and six months to one year of work experience in the testing field is recommended.


Holders of the TMap NEXT® Test Engineer certificate know how tests must be prepared, specified and carried out, which techniques, infrastructure and tools can be used for this purpose, and how this fits in with the life cycle of a testing process. TMap NEXT® was developed by Sogeti and is widely applied as a framework for structured testing.



Exam content

Candidates are being tested on the following topics:

1. Framework and importance of testing (15%)

2. TMap NEXT® life cycle acceptance and system tests (40%)

3. Development tests (5%)

4. Test design (40%)

Exam Details

Number of questions:


Pass mark:

65% (20 of 30)

Open book/notes:


Electronic equipment permitted: