TMap NEXT® Test Manager

This is an exam for testers who want to adopt a structured approach to their work. The benefit of qualified testers to organizations and individuals is that the structured approach leads to a more efficient testing process.

Target group

The TMap NEXT® Test Manager exam is primarily intended for people that are involved in test management activities on a daily basis. Prior knowledge at the level of TMap NEXT® Test Engineer is recommended.


TMap NEXT® (an abbreviation of Test Management Approach) is a leading standard in the field of testing. TMap NEXT® was developed by Sogeti and is widely applied as a framework for structured testing


The training TMap NEXT® Test Manager with an EXIN accredited training provider. 

Exam content

Candidates are tested on the following subjects:

  1. Master test plan; managing the total test process
  2. Acceptance and system tests
  3. Development tests
  4. Supporting processes


Exam Details

Number of questions:


Pass mark:

65% (26 of 40)

Open book/notes:


Electronic equipment permitted: