EXIN ITSM Internal Auditor

This module provides:

  • Practical knowledge of the internal audit cycle (first party audit)
  • Knowledge and techniques for supplier audits (second party audit)
  • Knowledge and techniques for certification audits (third party audit)

Target group

Personnel of internal and external service providers in an ISO/IEC 20000 environment or having interest in these standards. Specific roles that would benefit from the Internal Auditor certification could include:

  • Auditor or assessor
  • Customer representatives, to better understand the need for audit activities by the Service Provider
  • Top Management and their direct reports to provide needed leadership in the field of audits
  • Managers/directors responsible for the coordination of services
  • Interested parties representatives
  • Suppliers
  • Project specialists
  • Consultants who offer their services as specialists in ITSM, as they need to know the audit methods
  • Academics who teach ITSM and would need to include auditing in their curriculum
  • Individuals who want to demonstrate competencies in ITSM
  • Auditors of Quality Service Systems who want to expand their horizon into Service management


The certificate Internal Auditor in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000 is related to the EXIN IT Service Management  Qualification Program based on ISO/IEC 20000 – a series of interlinked examinations which are based on the various roles in IT Service Management.


Requirements for the ITSM20IA certificate:

  • The Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000 or an accepted equivalent
  • An accredited training IT Service Management Internal Auditor based on ISO/IEC 20000; this includes the successful completion of four Practical Assignments as assessed by an EXIN accredited training provider
  • Successful completion of the exam IT Service Management Internal Auditor based on ISO/IEC 20000

Exam content

Candidates are tested on 4 categories:

  • Planning the Audit Program
  • Managing Audits
  • Communicate & address audit results
  • Improving the audits program

Exam Details

  • Number of multi-choice questions: 60
  • Pass mark: 65% (39 of 60)
  • No open book/notes
  • No electronic devices permitted

In-course assessment

The candidate must have successfully completed four (4) practical assignments (3 hours each in length):

  1. Assignment in evidence gathering (documents)
  2. Assignment in planning an audit (based on a case study)
  3. Assignment in planning improvements for an organization who has failed an audit
  4. Assignment in writing conformity, observation and non-conformity statements